How can I cultivate spiritual wisdom in my life?

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How can we cultivate spiritual wisdom in our lives in order to live happier?

It seems that nowadays, countless people are unhappy and dissatisfied with their lives. Many are troubled by family situations, health, money, stress, loneliness and often feel hopeless in their search to make their lives better. The pace of modern life has aggravated the situation. Technological innovations designed to make our lives easier and allow us to feel more connected to one another are having the opposite effect. We appear to have less time, are more stressed out and feel more disconnected than ever!

In the midst of this turmoil, how can human beings reconnect to their own hearts as well as renew their connection to the world? How can we rediscover our link to the source, or to the divine? How can we live lighter and happier in the moment? In every moment?

The fundamental teachings of Buddhism bring us back to the undeniable truth that we all share the pain of existence. Who hasn't experienced some sort of pain or trauma in their lives? Who's never made mistakes, or acted in hurtful and stupid ways? There is no one on Earth exempt from it. Coming together to share our pain and to wish that no one else will experience this pain is the key to unlocking the door. Buddhist teachings offer us a way to cultivate spiritual wisdom, to overcome the pain in our hearts, and to plant the seeds for a bright future for ourselves, our loved ones, and the world. Buddhism helps us create the foundation of a life with meaning and connectedness and yes, happiness in spite of our pain.

If we live a creative natural life, we understand that all beings suffer, that existence is impermanent, and that everything we do has an effect on all beings in the universe. If we truly believe in and live by the principles of the Universe: synchronicity and unity, our lives will change from loneliness to connectedness, from sadness to happiness, from hopelessness to creativity and action.

It's through giving from the heart that we can feel this unity and genuinely begin to heal ourselves and others. Acting upon the wish that no one else should suffer, that all beings be joyful, healthy and rich (in every sense of the word!), brings a deep sense of meaning to our lives.

Giving comes in many forms. Of course we can give money to someone in need. Yet there are other forms of giving: sending a kind word to someone when they are down, or paying a compliment to a friend, a loved one, or someone we just met on the street. Random acts of kindness are wonderful gifts to bestow onto others. And when we plant the seeds of kindness, they come back to us later on. If we make people happy, or make them smile, that’s what we’ll attract in the future. Of course if we do the opposite and plant the seeds of hurt and misery, we’ll reap that same harvest at some point later on.

At the end of the day our mission as human beings is to make this world a better place. When we are at death’s door the only regrets we have are of what we didn’t give, or the conflict(s) we failed to resolve. We never regret what we gave to others. This is truly one of the great Buddhist lessons of life.

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